Family shows thanks to Skegness hospital ward

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FAMILY relations of a terminally ill cancer patient have shown their gratitude to the nurses who cared for their loved one during her final days.

Barbara Parsell received palliative care at Skegness Hospital’s Scarbrough Ward before she died from an inoperable brain tumour in March this year.

Her family were so appreciative of the ‘marvellous’ treatment provided by Sister Gina Wise and her team of nurses that they raised £1,200 through a series of charity events to donate to the ward.

Barbara’s husband Richard said: “The family and I just wanted to express our extreme gratitude for the care and love that they showed - the nurses were fantastic and they don’t get enough praise.”

Sons, daughters and grandchildren all helped to raise the impressive total by holding raffles and auctions as well as making personal contributions of their own.

Some of the family returned to Scarbrough Ward last Monday to present nurses with the cheque and reiterate their heartfelt thanks.

Sister Gina said: “I would like to thank Richard and his family for their generosity and support to the Scarbrough Ward.

“We aim to give the best possible care to the patient but it is also imperative that we care for the family because they are suffering as well.”

The hospital will use the donation to buy a specialist bed to help patients whose illness has severely hampered their mobility.

It is adjustable in many different ways to allow the patient to sit up comfortably while still being supported.

The family members have said that they will continue fundraising for the ward for years to come.