Drug and alcohol support group launches

Ian Bertram of Drugs in Lincs. EMN-140324-160018001
Ian Bertram of Drugs in Lincs. EMN-140324-160018001

Drug and alcohol users struggling with addiction and families trying to help can feel alone but help is at hand with a new support group.

DrugsInLincs was founded by parent Ian Bertram who lost his son and now wants to prevent tragedy happening to other families while helping those in their greatest hour of need.

The service will be on hand 24 hours a day and will run weekly discussion and support groups in non judgemental and relaxed settings at Louth from April 10, and Spilsby from April 16 at The Meeting Point, Methodist Church, at 7pm.

Ian said: “One of the most difficult things to do when you are affected by a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, is to openly admit and share the problem.

“Denial, shame and embarrassment can often play a huge part in someone not seeking help and support.

“My organisation offers the opportunity to break down those barriers and welcomes people of all ages to come forward and share their fears and concerns in a 
safe and friendly 

“We are not counsellors, but due to personal experiences we really do care and can give confidential and non-judgemental support.”

DrugsInLincs will offer a 24 hour helpline on 07757 946662, discussion groups, one to one support, talks to community groups, former addicts who can share their stories, and bereavement and family support.

It is looking for volunteers to help out and become committee members.

For more information see the group’s website here http://www.drugsinlincs.co.uk/ or email Ianbertram@drugsinlincs.co.uk