Donated blood testing equipment used by hundreds at Skegness Hospital

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Skegness Hospital Watch committee member and campaign manager, Geoff Poulter, has spoken of his ‘amazement’ at the amount of use, new machinery, donated by funds raised by Hospital Watch has seen.

Since raising £40,000 for new blood testing machinery at Skegness Hospital, the recently purchased medical equipment has carried out hundreds of tests on patients, since becoming operational in the past three months, after installation and staff training.

The equipment is in use both on Skegness’s hospital wards and the Urgent Care Centre.

Mr Poulter said: “It’s amazing that the machinery has been used by so many people already.

It’s been estimated that the machinery, Im told, has been used at least 600 times.

This saves both time and a lot of money, as patients needing to use this equipment, no longer have to make the journey to Boston Hospital. It also saves the NHS money, as those that had no transport to get to Boston or other hospitals, no longer have to be taken there.”

“Once again I’d like to thank everyone who helped to raise the money for the machines, to make this possible,” he added.

Mr Poulter also explained, that because the equipment had been bought by the public health

authority, a rebate of over £15,000 had freed up funds to enable the purchase of a number of 24-hour heart monitors.

The Skegness Hospital Watch organisation was set up to promote and improve the services available at Skegness Hospital and the next meeting, open to the public, will be held at 7pm, on Thursday, February 20, at The Crown Hotel, Drummond Road, Skegness.