Dog ‘poisoning’ latest

A Skegness resident has come forward to say the problem with pet ‘poisoning’ isn’t just on the beach but it extends to all known dog walking areas.

He says his dog has been ‘poisoned’ twice and not on the beach but near the Richmond Drive area.

As reported in last week’s Standard, a Chapel St Leonards resident and Skegness woman both spoke out about their pets being ‘poisoned’.

Margaret McLoughlin of Chapel warned all about the ‘poisoning’ she believed to be around the beach areas after her dog Edward was ‘poisoned’. Luckily he survived.

A Skegness woman also believes her dog died from poison picked up in the Tower Gardens area in town.

“It’s not just the first time but twice, and I think it’s DDT or a type of weed killer,” said the latest resident, who did not wish to be named.

And his dog isn’t the only one in the Richmond Drive area. The resident claims, a friend of a friend has had their pet poisoned too.

“I think it’s someone who is sick of standing in dog poo around the area and is poisoning meat when it’s cheap and putting it down in the grass,” he added.

“My dog was really poorly for nine weeks and we don’t go around those areas now to avoid it,” he explained.