Diagnostic machines not ready

LIFE-SAVING new diagnostic equipment bought for Skegness Hospital through public donations is taking ‘longer than expected’ to arrive but should make a ‘tremendous difference’ when it does.

Matron Jackie Shaw updated Skegness Hospital Watch on the progress made to install the £42,000 blood-testing machines the group purchased following months of dedicated fund raising.

Speaking at the Crown Hotel, Skegness, on Thursday Ms Shaw explained that the machines were currently undergoing ‘rigorous testing’ at Lincoln County Hospital to ensure they are correctly calibrated to give the correct results.

Although the hospital had hoped for the machines to have been ready for use sooner, Ms Shaw was very enthusiastic about the beneficial role they will play when installed

“It makes a tremendous difference - just 30 seconds to make a diagnosis,” she said.

The equipment will be used to diagnose the early symptoms of life-threatening diseases and disorders such as Alzheimer’s strokes and heart attacks.

It is hoped that by carrying out testing in Skegness, the hospital can save patients from making inconvenient journeys to Boston Pilgrim Hospital, where they must currently travel.

Hospital Watch raised the phenomenal sum through months of relentless fund raising heavily supported by the local community.

Meanwhile, Skegness Hospital’s transformation to become an ‘urgent care centre’ is reported to be going ‘better than hoped’.

Ms Shaw informed the group that the new doctors on the department are ‘excellent’ and had integrated into the team ‘really well’.