Dad turns midwife for birth of baby

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TWO proud parents have welcomed their newest little bundle of joy to the family following a dramatic home delivery preformed by a quick thinking father.

Baby Lea Mae Simms didn’t give her mother much warning when she arrived just 20 minutes after contractions began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, last week.

With no time to spare, the role of midwife was left in the capable yet nervous hands of the expectant father, Jason Simms.

Jason said: “The water broke just as I was brushing my teeth, Angela was sat on the bathroom floor and let out a yelp and the baby’s head was already out.”

“I panicked and held the head to stop it hitting the floor, untangled the chord and prayed for the baby to start breathing.

“I saw what the midwife did during the birth of my other children, I thought it was amazing and it stuck in my head.”

“By the time the ambulance arrived the baby was already in my arms.”

Thanks to Jason’s composed response under pressure he and Angela became the proud parents of a healthy baby girl.

Lea Mea did not even require a hospital check up and was able to remain at home on Roman Bank, Skegness, with the rest of the family.

She joins her 13-month-old sister Casey Louise and 11-year-old brother Jai who have both welcomed the family’s latest arrival with open arms.

“My little girl is loving having a little sister - every time she cries Casey looks in on her to see if she is alright and Jai has been a big help around the house while his mum recovers,“ explained Jason.

Jason, who works at Staples and has no medical training in midwifery, said that watching the Channel 4 docu-soap ‘One Born Every Minute.’ helped him deliver his daughter.

His main priority was to ensure that she was able to take her first precious breath of air.

The happy couple would like to thank their friends Kirsty Marshall for phoning the ambulance and Nathan Smith for offering to baby-sit when he was called up in the middle of the night.