Couple injured avoiding dog mess call for action

Michael and Anna Webster suffered painful injuries while trying to avoid dog mess on Old School Mews, Spilsby.
Michael and Anna Webster suffered painful injuries while trying to avoid dog mess on Old School Mews, Spilsby.

A retired couple from Spilsby has called for urgent action to be taken against the town’s irresponsible dog owners after suffering painful injuries, trying to avoid mess on the pavement.

Michael and Anna Webster each suffered bruises and broken bones after falling in an attempt to dodge the dog foul while walking along Old School Mews in the town last month.

“My wife pointed towards some you know what on the footpath, I turned to look where she was pointing, missed the step, tripped and fell on her, she broke her arm, I fractured my wrist and landed on my ribs,” said Michael.

“It was partially my fault that I had fallen over and it was very unfortunate that I landed on my wife but my attention had been diverted because of the dog mess.”

Michael drove his 70-year-old wife to Boston Pilgrim where an x-ray revealed her arm was broken and needed to be set in plaster.

It was only when he was driving back home to Spilsby that 69-year-old Michael became aware of his own injury and returned to hospital where he was told he had fractured his wrist and broken several ribs.

The couple say the problem has worsened during their 16 years in the town and believe more should be done to prosecute irresponsible dog owners.

“Someone should be taken to court and prosecuted to make an example of them,” Michael said.

“It’s very irresponsible and uncaring, and with the amount of it we get round here it’s become a really big problem, particularly when it ends up on prams and mobility scooters - it’s not very pleasant.”

Although the Websters don’t own a pet dog themselves, they say they have no problem with dogs, or their owners, provided they clear up any mess.

“Most of the dog walkers around here moan about it too, we’ve got some right outside the front door at the end of the drive,” said Anna.

“It’s not the dogs fault and there are no strays around here so it must be irresponsible owners.”

Michael and Anna, who used to organise painting holidays at Toynton Lodge, raised their concerns with Spilsby Town Council at its latest surgery session, which prompted its discussion at Thursday’s council meeting.

Councillors agreed to purchase two new CCTV cameras using a donation from J&A International, to monitor Spilsby Recreation Ground and Franklin Hall, where inconsiderate dog owners could be identified.

Town clerk Sara Marshall believed the council could take responsibilty for enforcing dog fouling from East Lindsey District Council and quickly recoup the camera’s costs in fines.