Conservative candidate supports cancer campaign

Victoria Atkins - Cancer Research Campaign
Victoria Atkins - Cancer Research Campaign

A charity campaign to advance cancer research and treatment is being supported by the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Louth and Horncastle.

Victoria Atkins signed up to Cancer Research UK’s initiative at last week’s Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham.

Victoria said: “We all know someone who has fought cancer. It has a devastating effect, not just on those diagnosed with it, but their families and friends.

“This Government set up the Cancer Drugs Fund to secure world-class and life-enhancing medication for cancer patients. In just four years, the fund

has helped 55,000 patients, giving hope to them and their families.”

She added: “Conservatives have committed a further £160 million to the fund, to give more patients access to the latest and best cancer drugs.”

“This is only possible because of our long-term economic plan and careful management of the nation’s finances.”

“My commitment to the NHS and that of the Conservative Party means that this issue must grow in importance so that more cancers can be controlled and eradicated.”