Chairman reflects on progress made to community health services in Lincolnshire


Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS) chairman Dr Don White has reflected on his years supporting health services in Lincolnshire.

Dr White stood down following his final board meeting, having served the maximum possible term of four years in the role.

He has led the Trust Board through LCHS’s transition to become an independent NHS Trust, having previously been part of the Lincolnshire Primary Care Trust.

“I have a long personal connection with the NHS,” explained Dr White. “My father was an employee for nearly 40 years from its inception in 1947.

“I wanted to help in any way I could to develop services in Lincolnshire and working as a non-executive director gave me a way to make a contribution.

“I could see that the community services provision would have to develop as its own organisation and I hoped that my background in organisational development would assist in that process.

“We have faced operational challenges like any other organisation, but to build something new is a major accomplishment.

“We now have a recognisable NHS Trust, which is valued both locally and nationally. We also have high patient satisfaction scores and continually improving levels of staff satisfaction.”