Alford dieters shed more than 90 stones

Sue Vickers, Reepa Patel, Claire Spence, Catherine Birrell, Claire Day and Dianne McGilloway.
Sue Vickers, Reepa Patel, Claire Spence, Catherine Birrell, Claire Day and Dianne McGilloway.

A GROUP of dedicated dieters at a club in Alford have lost a massive 92 stone in weight this year so far thanks to a weight loss programme and their sheer determination.

Member Claire Day lost 58 pounds to get to her goal weight after following the Weight Watchers ProPoints plan.

“Claire join Weight Watchers in January not liking herself, but now four stone two pounds later, is loving life again, she looks fabulous, said Claire Spence, leader.

And member Dianne McGilloway has lost 52 pounds and is nearly at her goal weight.

Diane decided to start the programme after seeing herself in some photographs that she didn’t like and now ‘feels fantastic’.

Sue Vickers lost 52.5 pounds through Weight Watchers after a life time of trying to lose weight.

But with a wedding looming, Sue thought she needed to do something to help.

“It took Sue three months to pluck up the courage to come through the doors to join and now she knows it’s the best thing she did,” added Claire.

Member Reepa Patel lost 76.5 pounds and is almost at goal and Catherine Birrell lost 62 pounds and is hoping to hit goal soon.

Catherine said “Claire is always there to support me in and out of the meeting.”

“That’s a total of 21 stone five pounds for just those ladies. They have all had their personal reasons for coming to Weight Watchers and not only do they look fantastic but their confidence is great and their health is wonderful,” said Claire.

Claire achieved her goal three-and-a-half years ago and she says it was best thing she ever did.

“There is no better job than to see members turn their lives around and become who they want to be. The Propoints plan really is a plan for life,” added Claire.

Classes take place in Burgh le Marsh, Skegness, Chapel St Leonards and Alford.Call Claire on 079740 51447 for details.