A young mother says she feels ‘victimised’ after an incident in a Skegness store

Baby Amelia.
Baby Amelia.

An Ingoldmells woman says is still suffering after she was made to feel ‘victimised’ during an incident in a Boots branch.

Kiya Pask, 20, claims she went to the Boots store in Lumley Road, Skegness, to pick up antihistamines for her daughter Amelia, 15-months-old at the time, when the baby began to cough after swallowing the medicine in the wrong way.

Kiya Pask with baby Amelia.

Kiya Pask with baby Amelia.

Kiya claims a pharmacist from the branch shouted to say the baby was choking and stopped the mother from giving the baby any water.

“She shouted, she is choking and asked for someone to get her oxygen but I explained she was trying to clear her throat and needed water,” said Kiya Pask after the incident.

“My daughter is profoundly deaf and has struggled with chesty conditions and was at hospital the day before with bronchitis, so I am used to her reacting like this, she took the medicine from a normal spoon and it got lodged in her throat,” added Kiya.

A the time, believing the incident to be resolved, Kiya left with Amelia feeling very embarrassed and victimised for being a young mother after the treatment she received.

But on the Thursday (March 7) Social Services were said to have visited Kiya’s home while a friend was looking after Amelia.

“My friend opened the door to the social worker who said they needed to get in touch with the mother immediately,” explained Kiya.

Janice Spencer, assistant director for children’s services at Lincolnshire county council, said: “We cannot comment on whether referrals have been made to children’s services about any individual child. When a referral is made to us and information suggests that a child may be at risk of harm, the responsible action is of course to make enquires and offer any necessary support.”

Kiya says she then had to arrange for the social worker to visit her home and she says she feels angry and believes it to be linked to the incident in the Boots branch.

A spokesperson for Boots said: “At Boots UK the safety of our patients and customers is our key priority.

“As trained healthcare professionals, our pharmacists are required to apply their professional knowledge and judgment and take appropriate action if they have a concern about patients’ health and safety, using the information that they have available at the time. We have investigated this incident thoroughly and we are currently in dialogue with the customer so that we can resolve any outstanding concerns.”

But Kiya feels that the matter was not investigated thoroughly by Boots and has requested the CCTV footage from the incident on March 4.

And says she has now had confirmation from Social Services to state there is no current concern for Ameila’s welfare.

“They have now closed the case saying there are no concerns regarding the care of Amelia and therefore social care is not required. They went on to say what a happy, contented and placid baby Amelia is,” added Kiya.