£18k for cardiac care

Fundraising for three life-saving diagnostic machines at Skegness Hospital proved so successful that the money left over will cover the cost of additional medical equipment.

Skegness Hospital Watch has been left with an £18,000 surplus from the £42,000 it raised during months of dedicated charity work in 2011 to secure three blood testing machines, detecting the early signs of heat attacks, strokes and other serious conditions.

The spare money will now be used to buy portable cardiac monitors for the hospital, which matron Jackie Shaw said were ‘really needed’ at the group’s latest meeting.

Hospital Watch chairman Maureen Mier was delighted to hear the hospital had managed to secure a cheaper price on the diagnostic machine and only too happy for the surplus to spent on the monitors.

“That will complete the urgent care centre,” she said.

The portable cardiac monitors can be worn by patients outside the hospital while they carry out their day-to-day activities, thereby providing more accurate results, unaffected by the stress many people associate with hospitals.

Two of the three diagnostic machines were in use at the hospital last month, with the third due over Easter.