Have say on traveller sites in Skegness in Local Plan

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Residents across East Lindsey are being asked for views on what is needed to secure their future and those of their families.

East Lindsey District Council approved the draft Local Plan and supporting policies for the area for consultation at its meeting last month.

The Local Plan sets out how the area will respond to an increasing population and changes in lifestyle, as well as ensuring that housing, employment land, schools, shops and other facilities are provided for, while preserving and enhancing what is special about the district.

Proposed travellers sites in Skegness are also within the local plan

Because of coastal flood risk the plan is not proposing to allocate housing in the coastal zone of the district but does strongly support economic growth, giving this area of the district its own discrete policy.

Alongside this, policies are included to make sure infrastructure is delivered as part of the growth, as well as policies that protect the special features of East Lindsey, including the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This phase of consultation – the first of two – runs until August 8.

The final phase of consultation will take place it is hoped before the end of 2016, within the deadline set by the Government. More information is available at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/localplan or at Customer Access Points.