Hang up!: Another telephone scam hits Skegness area

Scam alert ANL-170915-172421001
Scam alert ANL-170915-172421001

A reader is warning the public to be aware of another scam doing the rounds in Skegness area.

Someone claiming to work for BT called a resident saying that his bill hadn’t been paid.

They asked for his mobile number as well and he said that is when he realised it was a scam and put the phone down.

He rang 1471 to see who had made the call and then called BT from a number in an old directory.

The scam number was identical to the genuine BT number with the addition of 00 in the number.

Apparently, BT couldn’t believe how close it was to the real one.

Our reader isn’t the only one to have been hit by a BT scam. PCSO Dave Bunker tweeted he had received a scam call while off duty just last month and advised. ‘Just hang up’.

If you are the victim of a scam call, report it to 0300 123 2040. For more information visit actionfraud.police.uk