Hamper surprise for unhappy customer

Geoff Lambourne with his hamper.
Geoff Lambourne with his hamper.

A disgruntled npower customer has been left flabbergasted by the generosity of his electrical power supplier following a complaint about recent price hikes.

Geoff Lambourne, of Wainfleet St Mary, wrote to the company expressing his indignation over the rise in his electricity bill.

I wrote: “The figures just don’t add up, you’re charging too much and you’re ripping people off,” said Geoff.

However, to the surprise of Mr Lambourne, who has been an npower customer for around a decade, the company promptly responded to his complaint and sent him a food hamper with an npower gift tag attached, with the words, ‘Sorry we got it wrong’, printed inside.

The hamper contained a packet of highland shortbread, some breakfast tea, a plumb bread loaf and some coconut macaroons.

“I was totally amazed”, said Geoff. “I would like to express my thanks to npower as they have shown they do read letters and respond to them.”

And the power company’s generosity did not stop there. Mr Lambourne also received a phone call from the firm after receiving his hamper, explaining that they would also be refunding £25 from his bill.

“Credit where credit is due, I’m a pensioner and like everyone else, the price rises have hit hard,” said Geoff.

Npower has since announced average price cuts of 2.6 percent, following the government’s decision to alter green levies on energy bills, and prices will be cut for all customers whose bills went in up December.

The main price reduction will apply from February 28.