Halfords in Skegness to send customers’ unwanted bikes to Africa with Re-Cycle to help provide affordable transport

Halfords is offering a 10 per cent reduction off the price of a new bike if you donate an old one to their scheme with Re-Cycle.
Halfords is offering a 10 per cent reduction off the price of a new bike if you donate an old one to their scheme with Re-Cycle.

The Halfords store in Skegness is to take unwanted bikes off customers’ hands in an initiative to provide much needed affordable transport for communities in Africa.

For six days, from tomorrow (Thursday) to Tuesday, July 16, Britain’s biggest bike retailer is inviting customers to bring cycles currently lying abandoned in garages and garden sheds to any of its 460 branches.

Those donating bikes will be offered a 10 per cent deal off the price of a brand new model as well as seeing their old two wheeler go to a good cause.

Halfords is launching the scheme in partnership with charity Re-Cycle and hopes to collect 6,000 bikes during the trade-in period after which they will be refurbished and distributed to help people in need in Africa.

Commenting on the event, CEO Matt Davies said: “This is a great opportunity for customers to get rid of those bikes which are not being used and give to a great cause and get money off a brand new bike at the same time if they want to.

“Our partnership with Re-Cycle will mean these unwanted bikes will provide an opportunity which will result in people in Africa being able to transform their lives in a sustainable way.

“We feel that this is an exciting way to make a difference by doing something that is closely linked with our business.”

A bicycle can dramatically improve lives by providing simple, inexpensive transport cutting travel time and increasing the opportunities for children to go to schools, which may be many miles from their home, and for adults to find work.

Merlin Matthews, the founder of Re-Cycle, added: “We are really excited about the partnership with Halfords. It will provide long term opportunities to raise awareness of the great ways people here can very easily assist those in need in Africa.”

Models in most demand by Re-Cycle are sturdy mountain bikes for teenagers and adults, however all bikes that are in a reasonable condition, including kids’ bikes, will be accepted by Halfords provided they are complete with no cracks in the frame and less than 25 per cent rust.

Re-Cycle was set up in 1997 and since then has sent over 45,000 bikes as well as parts and tools to 16 different countries in Africa.