Gym staff do the ‘mud mile’

The Fresh Fitness team from Skegness at the Tough Mudder event.
The Fresh Fitness team from Skegness at the Tough Mudder event.

Staff and members of Fresh Fitness in Skegness completed the ‘Tough Mudder’ – a mud-covered obstacle course described as one of the toughest fitness challenges of mankind.

This is the second time staff from the gym have completed the challenge, which recently featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

The team challenged themselves with numerous obstacles to raise funds for Help for Heroes. Obstacles included ‘king of the swingers’ – a 30ft high jump and swing over a water pit; ‘cry baby’ – crawling through a tunnel of tear gas; ‘sewer rat’ – crawling through tunnels under water; ‘Everest 2.0’ – a run and climb up a rolled back top half pipe; ‘Arctic enema 2.0’ – going down a slide testing claustrophobia and dropping into a pool of iced water; and mud mile – tackling muddy trenches covering over a mile.

Pictured above is John Campbell, Kavan Martin, Stuart Grandison, Carl Millar, Callum Barlow, Louis Richardson, Gareth Stefanski, Becky Taylor, Mark Belton and Sam Power.

Next month the Team Fresh Fitness are challenging themselves again by climbing Mount Snowdon in aid of raising money for The 8848 Fund in the hope of rebuilding Nepal after the earthquakes earlier this year.