Group to bring focus on Tennyson heritage

St Margaret's Church, Somersby, will benefit from the Tennyson events.
St Margaret's Church, Somersby, will benefit from the Tennyson events.
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A group of Tennyson enthusiasts are hoping to elevate the former poet laureate’s standing in his birthplace by organising a calendar of events about the man and his work.

Somersby resident Debbie Jenner has also created a website and Facebook group - Tennyson’s Birthplace’ in her attempts to gain recognition for the 17th Century poet.

Debbie says she’s ‘not a huge poetry fan’ but having moved to the village where Tennyson spent the first 28 years of his life, says she has developed a connection with the man and feels the local area could do more to champion the prestigious connection.

“When I moved here I could tell that not much has changed in the countryside for the past 200 years and I began to see why it inspired him to write the poetry that he wrote in his younger years,” she said. “You can really get a feel for the atmosphere that he lived in.”

The group’s first event takes place on November 14 when Far Welter’d - a Louth-based Lincolnshire dialect society will be giving a recital of a collection of Tennyson’s poems composed in his native tongue at the former Rectory in which he grew up.

“It’s quite special that they will be reciting poetry in the front parlour of his childhood home where he would have sat and read to his siblings,” added Debbie.

Proceeds from the group’s events will go towards refurbishing the St Margaret’s Church in the village, which is in urgent need of repair.

Debbie hopes November’s poetry recital will act as a ‘catalyst’ for more events over the coming months, culminating in a Tennyson festival.

The poetry event starts at 7.30pm. Tickets £8 including buffet. Visit for details.