GENERAL ELECTION: UKIP leader calls press conference after disastrous night

Paul Nuttall at the election count.
Paul Nuttall at the election count.

UKIP leader Paul Nuttall has called a press conference following a disastrous night at the polls.

Mr Nuttall took just 3,308 votes in the Boston and Skegness seat - 11,337 fewer than the party mustered in 2015.

Indeed, Labour’s Paul Kenny took second spot - while Conservative Matt Warman strengthened his hold on the seat with an increased majority.

But Mr Nuttall, who at one point looked like he might miss the declaration, sent his press officer ahead to warn the awaiting media he would not be holding any interviews.

Following the announcement of the result Mr Nuttall made a swift exit through a fire escape.

New party the Blue Revolution Party, lead by Mike Gilbert took 283 votes, while the Greens had 547 and the Liberal Democrats had 771.