GALLERY: Nativities in Skegness area schools warm the hearts

Angels in the Ingoldmells Academy nativity. ANL-171218-165846001

The story of Christmas has been coming to life in heartwarming productions in schools across the Skegness area.

Tear-jerking performances have kept parents, guardians, grandparents, friends as well as teaching staff enthralled, as well as impressed with their handywork after weeks of preparations and making costumes.

Skegness Infant Academy nativity. ANL-171218-145639001

Year One at Skegness Primary Academy presented ‘Little Angel gets her Wings’ while the Reception Class told the traditional story of Christmas.

In Year Two they performed ‘Superstar!’

The Richmond School Year Two told an alternative nativity with ‘The Bossy Fairy and The Rejects’.

In Wainfleet, Magdalen Primary School Key Stage 2 pupils, aged seven to 11, took part in two performances

Wainfleet Magdalen Primary School Key Stage Two pupils tell 'The True Meaning of Christmas'. ANL-171218-154506001

Pupils worked together to ‘Tell the True Meaning of Christmas’, acting out the nativity story through their special carol service singing fourteen carols.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed singing, especially the ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ where parents were encouraged to join in.

The Standard has also been sent photos of the nativity celebrations at Ingoldmells Academy and Beacon Primary Academy in Skegness.

Skegness Infant Academy nativity. ANL-171218-145624001

Skegness Beacon Primary Academy Year Ywo and Three nativity. ANL-171218-162207001

Ingoldmells Academy nativity service. ANL-171218-154127001

The Richmond School Year Two nativity. ANL-171218-145448001

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