FURTHER UPDATE: Southview Leisure Park fire

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Caravanners in Skegness have been left reeling after a fire has ripped through a leisure complex in Skegness.

Although no one has been hurt or injured the fire has damaged the bar and restaurant opposite the golf course of Southview Leisure Park, owned by Park Resorts, including its snooker area and swimming pool.

Christine Guynne of Royston, Barnsley was in the swimming pool at the time when fire alarms were sounded at approximately 2.20pm.

She said: “There was around 15 of us in the pool at the time, including around three babies and one of the lifeguards came in shouting to get us all out.”

The bathers were ushered onto the car park nearby and were given tin foil to wrap themselves in to keep warm, still in their bathing costumes.

Husband Colin, also in the pool at the time had to borrow clothes from a friend after the evacuation, with his touring caravan keys still inside the locker.

Sitting in the hotel afterwards, Colin praised the staff for being so quick to react.

“It smelt just like burning cardboard”, he said.

Maurice Riley, also a touring caravanner witnessed the blaze from start to finish.

He said: “It just went up, there was no stopping it. it seemed to take a while before the fire brigade turned up, but it’s just one of those things, what can you do? Fortunately no one was hurt, the staff have been good and handed out free tea and coffee to everyone,” he said.

However some caravan owners are concerned about how they are to get into their caravans at present, as the fire service are busy damping down the fire and only allowing access for people to collect medication.