Funds raised for new wheelchair

Fund raising night held at The Royal Oak, Winthorpe to raise money for a wheelchair appeal.
Fund raising night held at The Royal Oak, Winthorpe to raise money for a wheelchair appeal.

A CHARITABLE community has rallied together to help raise money for a young boy in desperate need of a new motorised wheelchair.

Through the help of a dedicated fundraiser and friend/organiser Trish Worster, 10-year-old, Courtney Edwards, who was struck with deadly meningococcal septicaemia in 2004 as a toddler, is nearing ever closer to his goal, thanks to the £1,400 which was raised at a recent evening.

The event, held at The Royal Oak in Winthorpe recently, included entertainment from an Elvis tribute and a drag queen artist known as The Duchess .

The evening has been described as ‘fantastic’ due to the huge support.

“It was a great night and it was brilliant, you couldn’t sit down. The money raised is going to help get Courtney a powered wheelchair as we don’t have one at home,” said Kerry O’Conner, Courtney’s mother.

“We can’t get one on the NHS and it will help Courtney become more independent.”

Mayor of Skegness Coun Mark Anderson, who also attended, praised the community of Winthorpe highly during the last Town Council meeting for its efforts in raising for such a worthy cause.

The Skegness youngster, who had amputations to both his lower limbs as a result of his fight with the disease, has the use of a motorised wheelchair at The Richmond School where he attends, but not at home, and Kerry feels another would be beneficial to his life.

The family intend to buy a powered wheelchair which is estimated to cost in the region of around £3,000, which can be a struggle to find without grants or fundraising.

“We are very grateful because buying all the equipment can be hard. Recently, Courtney was bought a car seat and it has taken months to get a part grant to help with buying it but it is something he desperately needed,” explained Kerry.

Kerry and friend Jo Hawkins also completed the Great North Run in September where they raised for the Meningitis Research Foundation as there is no cure for this strain of the disease.