Fund pledge for Pier Field plan

An artist's impression of The Shell Amphitheatre at Pier Field, Skegness
An artist's impression of The Shell Amphitheatre at Pier Field, Skegness

Campaigners planning a create a performance space on Pier Field in Skegness say funding pledges are in place to fulfil their vision.

The Save our Foreshore group is aiming to construct an outdoor amphitheatre - known as The Shell - on the seafront site.

Now the group’s co-chairman Russell Sparkes has revealed that it has received financial backing for the ambitious project from a number of sources.

Additional plans for the site include a ‘dome’ to stage sporting events during the winter, multi-use surface, and wooded play area for children.

Save our Foreshore was given six weeks to submit an expression of interest in Pier Field following East Lindsey District Council’s decision to list the site as an Asset of Community Value last month.

The decision came after developers wanted to build a Premier Inn and KFC resturant on the site.

Mr Sparkes said: “We have received commitments from various groups, some of them are charities some are business people.

“The backers include an extremely affluent society and an events promoter. The funding adds credibility to our bid and is subject to the council approving the application.

He added: “This is proper investment in Skegness, that is going to bring additional tourism to the town.

“Companies and individuals will want to make a return on the investment, but our supporters see the potential in Skegness and this site.”

Save our Foreshore Supporters have raised around £30,000 towards the cost of submitting a bid to secure Pier Field as a community 

There is a six month moratorium for a expression of interest in buying the site and submitting a fully costed buisness plan. During this period other organisations are also able to submit a bid for the site including developers onbehalf of Premier Inn.