Function room to further secure Wainfleet pub’s future

Iain and Johann Jubbs at the bar of Batemans' Woolpack Pub and Kitchen in Wainfleet. ANL-160517-114649001
Iain and Johann Jubbs at the bar of Batemans' Woolpack Pub and Kitchen in Wainfleet. ANL-160517-114649001

Plans are being made to further secure the future of a flagship pub in Wainfleet by raising the cash needed for a new function room.

Last year, owners of the Woolpack Pub and Kitchen, Batemans Brewery, spent £200,000 on an ambitious makeover for the hostelry which overlooks the market place.

It is not easy for community pubs and local breweries

Stuart Bateman

But to raise funds to provide a state-of-the-art function room, the brewery now wants to sell a plot behind the building to allow a house to be built on it.

In a presentation to East Lindsey planning committee, boss Stuart Bateman noted that times that were “not easy for community pubs and local breweries”, but he emphasised his company’s continuing wish to provide a “top class” function room for the benefit of the community.

Contrary to a claim made in a report by a district council planning official that the proposed house would compromise the character of the conservation area, Mr Bateman said its design would be “appropriate” to the location.

Committee members liked what they heard, with Coun Dick Edginton insisting the application was “worth supporting” and Coun Tom Ashton saying “a good effort” had been made to ensure the proposed house would “fit in”.

A different perspective came from Coun Terry Aldridge who claimed that there would “not be a lot of room for a garden” and that children in the new house might resort to playing in the Wooolpack’s car park.

However, Coun Pauline Cooper said this issue could overcome by a gating condition.

The voting was eight-one in favour with two abstentions.

During the discussion, the brewery chief gave a mischievous commercial plug for the brewery’s latest ale, Pilgrm Fathers IPA, “available in all good pubs”, to which committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper responded: “Thank you for that party political broadcast on behalf of Batemans.”

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