Fun and games for Spilsby WI group

MEMBERS of the Spilsby WI were entertained at their recent Christmas meeting at The Franklin Hall.

They enjoyed an evening of light revelry and a game of Balderdash with members and their guest Dr Mike Morgan.

“It was tremendous fun and we rounded off the evening with tea, wine and mince pies,” said a spokesperson.

Their competition this month, was to win an evening bag which was won by Ann Donaldson.

The second place was given to Kathryn Ringrose and third place to Maureen Foster.

The group will next meet on January 12 at 7pm for a social evening and a photograph competition.

“The WI is always looking to recruit new members. Why not come along to our social evening for a chat and a cup of tea,” added a spokesperson.

For details call 01790 754774.