Freddie gets jubilee souvenir from palace

Freddie Fitzpatrick
Freddie Fitzpatrick

A TALENTED youngster was absolutely delighted when his artistic efforts he sent to the Queen to congratulate her on her jubilee earned him the royal stamp of approval.

Freddie Fitzpatrick, of Friskney, who was just six at the time, decided he would draw a picture of The Queen and create it into a card. To his astonishment he received a reply from the Queen in the form of a +Jubilee memento.

“Just a week later, we received a cream envelope which had the Buckingham Palace postmark and inside was a beautiful gilt edged card which on the front showed the royal crown and the letters ER,” said Jane Fitzpatrick, Freddie’s mother.

“When the letter came, Freddie was quite excited and overwhelmed by the fact he had received a reply and that he had this rare souvenir from the 60th Jubilee.

“He has since drawn many pictures of The Royal Family, including The Royal Wedding of Willam and Kate,” added Jane.

The Friskney C of E pupil, now seven, even got the chance to show is fellow classmates and school both his stunning artwork and the impressive card and envelope from the palace.

“We are so proud of Freddie, he just asked me one day if he could draw a picture for the Queen and I think that’s really impressive for just a six-year-old,” said Jane.

Inside the card, Freddie wrote that he wished to congratulate and send his love to both the Queen and Prince Philip on the Jubilee celebrations and he continued inside with “I am glad that me and my family can enjoy celebrating it with you by having a party and watching it on television. Have a lovely time, all my love, Freddie Fitzpatrick.”

And Freddie isn’t just an aspiring artist and Royal Family lover, but also a talented actor and singer.

“Freddie is part of the Embassy Performing Arts School with Jamie Marcus and we were thrilled to find out that he will be playing Oliver in the summer musical set for The Embassy Theatre.

“Not only that but my other son and Freddie’s brother Billy is playing Dodger in the show! I couldn’t be more proud of my two sons,” added Jane.