Footpath concerns

FOOTPATHS in Skegness have become overgrown and difficult to access following county council cutbacks and problems with maintenance contractors, the town council has revealed.

Former councillor Terry Chipchase raised concerns about the state of several of the town’s public footpaths during the public session of last Wednesday’s meeting.

Calling for council assistance, he said: “I’m aware local authorities have to make cuts and there is less of the pie to go round, but I wish to have a slice of the pie for the project I’ve long been concerned about.”

In reply, town clerk Steve Larner explained the footpaths in question were maintained by Lincolnshire County Council, which had reduced the number of cuts carried out each year from three to two and had been ‘let down by the contractor’ resulting in a cut scheduled for June 15 being delayed until July 15.

Coun Mark Smith, who also sits on the county council, apologised for the problems affecting footpaths and assured Mr Chipchase that ‘it has been put as a priority issue.’

He said: “Clearly there has been a problem with management and for that I apologise.”

Coun Smith had already alerted council officers to a number of footpaths throughout the town, which had been subject to public complaints, due to weeds, uneven slabs and overgrowth, and has been told that each of the issues was being looked into.