FLOODS ONE YEAR ON: Farmers in call for action over defences


A group of farmers who work on land adjacent to the Wash is marking the first anniversary of the December tidal surge with a call to recognise the importance of farming and food production in the area.

The Wash Frontagers’ Group (WFG), 68 farmers and landowners based from Skegness in the north to Hunstanton in the east, is concerned that the state of more than 80 miles of sea defences needs addressing urgently.

Chairman of the WFG Stafford Proctor said: “The Wash sea defences protect some of our most productive farmland, which in turn supports a massive food production, processing and packing industry, thousands of jobs and vital infrastructure 
of huge economic importance.”

Mr Proctor called for a ‘strategic partnership approach’ to protecting homes, businesses, jobs, roads and farmland by raising the sea defences ‘where it is most needed’.

He added: “The Frontagers’ group will be meeting with local MPs, our county and district councils and Government partners including the Environment Agency (EA) and Natural England, in the coming months to discuss how we can better protect the land, homes and businesses behind the sea defences.”

The group’s plan to raise the height of sea defences would include input from the EA, Natural England, internal drainage boards surrounding the Wash and local authorities.