Flood menace at village near Spilsby

Olivia Apletree in her father's kayak illustrating how bad the flooding is along the road from Aswardby to Harrington. ANL-181202-133850001

Hidden potholes on waterlogged roads are a danger to drivers

Villagers in Aswardby say they are are fuming about the state of the road to Harrington, which they claim continues to be a hazard in spite of temporary repairs by Lincolnshire County Council.

The county council has just announced it is spending a further £1.7 million on filling potholes.

However, Marlene Dawson, of Aswardby, says villagers have been fighting to get the road repaired properly for at least two years.

She said: “Things never get any better. Someone from Lincolnshire County Council drops a bit of Tarmac in a pothole, then some heavy farm machinery comes along and it’s out again.

“I know the local vet has damaged his tyre on more than one occasion going out on calls at night.

“The rain isn’t helping because we have the additional problem of flooding. Motorists come along and think they are driving through a puddle not realising there’s a pothole.

“At one end of the road near the post box the flooding is so bad we can’t get to it.

“It’s a busy road with all the farm traffic, but it looks more like a farm track.”

The situation is no better in Spilsby itself, according to town clerk Bonny Smith.

She said: “I’m just writing to Lincolnshire County Council about the potholes in Market Street. There’s one near the crossing which is really bad. They should have been done when they were resurfacing in town at the end of last year, but now we are told it’ll be April. But that’s too long to wait.”

l The Standard has been speaking to readers to see if they think the latest investment by Lincolnshire County Council in repairing the roads is enough. For the full story see pages 8 & 9.

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