Firefighters scale windmill for training

Skegness firefighters on training excercise at windmill in Burgh le Marsh.
Skegness firefighters on training excercise at windmill in Burgh le Marsh.

Firefighters from Skegness have been scaling new heights as part of their training exercise.

Led by East Division’s deputy division commander Jason Lawley, Skegness Blue Watch put its life-saving skills to the test at the windmill in Burgh le Marsh.

Taking place in the Grade I listed building, the exercise provided a unique challenge to test the firefighters’ rescue skills to the limit.

With a casualty scenario set up on the fifth floor and limited space to work in, the crew carried out a technical line rescue, providing first aid before lowering the casualty vertically through the building’s four 

Jason said: “Training within our community and at premises that provide us with an unusual or potentially difficult challenge in an emergency situation is vital in ensuring that our crews are capable, familiar and effective in carrying out their duties.

“Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue carries out many highly skilled functions which all require hours of continuous training.

“Technical line rescue is a particularly complex and skilful part of our role, allowing us to carry out life-saving work at heights and in confined spaces.

“It’s no doubt that training at real venues like the windmill helps firefighters to maintain these skills to the highest level possible whilst allowing the crews to engage with the community in which they serve and protect.”

Crew manager Dan Vines added: “We were lucky to have such a brilliant venue to train with in the local area. It’s a realistic scenario as many people visit this attraction every year, so it’s great to know how well the crew did and that they’re prepared should anything happen.”