Firefighters investigating flooding find cannabis plants in Skegness house

When firefighters searched for the source of flooding in a Skegness house, they discovered cannabis plants being grown in the attic.

Daniel Mark Parnwell, 23, of Clifton Grove, admitted producing 26 cannabis plants at his home on April 20 and also to preventing the electricity meter from registering the supply, when he appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court last week.

The court heard that police were called to the property by firefighters who had been called by neighbours who saw water pouring out of the house whilst the occupants, Parnwell and his partner, were away.

The firefighters found water was coming from the attic and through the ceiling into a bedroom and then through the floor and into a downstairs room. When they went into the attic they discovered cannabis was being grown and that a water tank was leaking.

When Parnwell was seen by police officers, he admitted being responsible and that he had bought the equipment on e-bay and had researched how to grow the cannabis plants on the internet.

He said he had not had a harvest and that he had not grown any cannabis before. He said it was for his personal use.

The court was also told that Parnwell had drilled a hole in his electricity meter to stop the wheel spinning round so that his supplier would not know if he was using excess amounts of electricity during the growing of the cannabis.

Magistrates imposed a 12 month community order and ordered he carry out 80 hours community service.