Fire-fighters to the rescue of unlucky trapped donkey

The emergency services in action during the rescue on Monday.
The emergency services in action during the rescue on Monday.

AN ADVENTUROUS donkey had a lucky escape when he was rescued by fire fighters after inexplicably lodging himself upside down in a dyke.

Didi the donkey was discovered wedged between two trees by a dog walker on the bridal path beside Peasgate Lane, Halton Holegate, at approximately 9am yesterday.

Specialist fire crews and a vet attended the distressed animal to calm him down before hoisting him from his unfortunate predicament.

Deputy divisional commander for east division Simon York said: “The donkey had fallen down a small ditch and became wedged between two trees.

“It was quite upset and was struggling to get itself out of the predicament but a firefighter calmed the animal and comforted it until the vet administered a sedative.

“It took about half an hour for the sedative to work and then we were able to hoist it out of the ditch.”

Firefighters used specialist animal strops and harnesses to release Didi from the ditch and once he was back on four legs, he was soon trotting around his field and returned to his owner Andy Murray.

Andy’s mother Pat said: “We haven’t got a clue how it happened.

“We’ve had him nearly a year along with two other donkeys and a pony and it’s never happened before.

“He looks like he’ll be fine, he was a little unsteady to begin with but he’s had his feed and he was walking and eeyore-ing after a little while,” she added.

l Pictured: Relieved owner Andy Murray with Didi after the donkey’s rescue. Photo by John Crossland.