Fields of gold in Skegness?


Treasure-hunters from across the world are joining in with the search for gold around East Lindsey.

Somewhere hidden amongst the area’s ancient pastures and rolling landscapes lies the answer to a riddle which will unlock a vault containing a 10oz gold bullion worth about £9,000. Already there are over 70 people hunting for the gold in the area.

The unique and innovative treasure hunt, which starts in Louth, is gaining interest worldwide including the Netherlands, Canada, Bangkok and Italy and will lead those taking part on a journey of knowledge and wonderment through Lincolnshire’s grazing marshes, discovering local myths, history and legends.

Charlotte Layton, from Bangkok, was one of the first people to register. She said: “We have a lot of English speaking children in our school and the story is great way to talk about language. I’m visiting in June so I will be taking lots of photos of the clues to take back with me.”

Each ‘Riddle of the Marshes’ pack contains a short story, map, and a ‘Golden Compass’ which guides participants through the clues. Each pack has a unique player ID which, when registered, means the Riddle Master can communicate with those taking part and release extra clues if necessary.

Riddlers must find the seven treasures, the stranger’s name and the pin number for the vault containing the gold. Nothing is hidden or buried in the feature communities; everything is visible, you just need to look. Don’t discount anything - it could be important.

Grazing Marshes project officer Joe Blissett, said: “The Riddle of the Marshes has been developed to showcase a landscape teeming with wildlife and cultural history to visitors. It is hoped that the Riddle of the Marshes will help to tell the story of this landscape in a completely new way. We want people to get excited, to spend time exploring the rich history of the grazing marshes by visiting the area, through research online or in local libraries and museums and above all else, have fun trying to solve the riddle.

“A lot of those already taking part are doing so with friends and family – it really is a great way to spend a weekend. I wish all those taking part the very best of luck.”

So, fancy yourself a riddler? Think you can crack the code? You only have until October 6 to try. Call 01507 613134 or visit Louth, Skegness or Mablethorpe Tourist Information Centres. Packs cost £15. Follow the quest on Twitter @LincsMarshes.

Packs will also be available at the Lincolnshire Show from the Lincolnshire Life Magazine and Visit East Lincolnshire stands.