FEATURE: Pilgrim Hospital’s four black alerts in three weeks

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The latest news in your area

From October 23 to November 9 this year, there have already been four level four black alerts at Pilgrim Hospital.

A Pilgrim Hospital spokesman said each one had been for less than a day but they had each been triggered by the number of people in A&E and lack of beds.

Here are some of the criteria United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust’s executive directors use to escalate to level four, which is decided by health and care services partners.

There are more but these are the primary criteria:

lA&E - All bays and resuscitation trolleys full on all sites

lNumber of acute beds available, including whether there are no beds available or upcoming in the next two hours

lUnable to open any more escalation beds

lWhether the bed capacity in community services, such as respite care, is 100 per cent full with no discharges for 24 hours.