Fat blamed for blocking sewer and causing flooding in Skegness street

Picture of fat in the sewer in High Street in Skegness.
Picture of fat in the sewer in High Street in Skegness.

Fat has been blamed for causing a sewer blockage, which in turn has caused flooding to properties on High Street in Skegness.

The sewer has now been thoroughly jetted and cleared and the flooding has subsided.

A spokesman for Anglian Water said: “Our initial investigation has found that the cause of the blockage was a large amount of fat which had been poured down a drain or sink. We will continue to investigate the source of this further using cameras in the sewer.

“Incidents like this are very distressing and disruptive, and we do all we can to raise awareness of the problems fats in the sewer system cause. This is exactly why we will be working with the local environmental health team to speak to all the food outlets nearby to remind them of the importance disposing of fats, oils and greases responsibly.

“Through our Keep It Clear campaign we aim to highlight and prevent incidents like this. Across the region we see thousands of blockages every year caused by a build up of fat and we spend more than £7 million removing them and clearing pipes. This cost puts our customers’ bills up and would be better spent elsewhere.”