Farmers embrace the digital era in Louth

Digital Workshop: Claire Brewitt with David Gaunt and David Banham

Lincolnshire farmers have been brushing up on their computer skills thanks to a free ‘digital refresher’ course hosted by the Louth Learning Centre in Aswell Street.

The two-day refresher course was held last week, and follows on from the farmers’ project held at the centre last year.

The idea behind the project is to offer teaching and improvement to farmers in order to allow them to implement digital skills into running of their business and own lives.

Claire Brewitt, learning facilitator, said the sessions had been well attended and included learning about spreadsheets, word documents, and Office 365 accounts.

David Banham, from RSD Banham dairy farm, said he had been ‘not good at IT skills’ but realised he was getting left behind so decided to get involved in the course - which was praised by all the participants.

• Louth Learning Centre is part of the Grimsby Institute Group.

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