Family speak of joy as baby Dax comes home from USA drama

Lee Johnston and Katie Amos with baby Dax at Boston. Pilgrim Hospital
Lee Johnston and Katie Amos with baby Dax at Boston. Pilgrim Hospital

A premature baby born to a Burgh le Marsh couple in New York has arrived home in Lincolnshire.

Little Dax Johnston is being cared for in the neo-natal unit at Boston Pilgrim Hospital after flying back on a private medical jet last week.

Mum and dad Katie Amos and Lee Johnston had gone to New York for a short Christmas break when Dax arrived 11 weeks early weighing just 3lb on December 28.

Katie and Lee had been told they would have to stay in the city until Dax’s due date in March.

But, after spending the last six weeks in the city by their tiny baby’s side they received the all-clear to fly home on Friday.

The cost of the flight was covered by the couple’s insurance policy and Dax had been granted a United States passport enabling him to travel back.

Speaking to The Standard following the 20-hour journey, Lee said: “It feels amazing to be home and surreal it all happened so quickly. It was a bit of a 24 hour turnaround, we did not know we were going back until Friday.

“It was just a case of packing our bags, we have got to do this. There were so many people involved it was like a military operation.”

He added: “The little man is doing great, he has reached 5lb 9oz now and put on a few pounds on the journey home. We are waiting on him to get stronger. He is starting to feed through a bottle and we are hoping to have him home in a couple of weeks.”

A fundraising campaign for the family organised by close friend Richard Crow reached more £11,000 after they became stranded in New York.

Katie and Lee were provided with home from home accommodation by the Ronald McDonald House Charity while Dax was being cared for at the Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan.

Now, Katie and Lee are looking forward to Dax coming home.

Fitness trainer Lee is due to return to work at the New Era Gym in Skegness next week.

He said: “We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for helping us, we are very grateful. We will be arranging something in the future to say thank you. For now, we are looking forward to taking Dax back home, that is the next step on the journey.”

He added: “Becoming a parent for the first time is scary enough as it is without all this going on. It has been a crazy, emotional experience, happy overall, but stressful at times. We still love New York and will be taking Dax there when he is older to meet all the friends we made.”