Family appeal for help recovering precious pictures lost in Skegness

A HEARTBROKEN family have made a desperate appeal for help reuniting them with the only existing pictures of their baby daughter who died aged just six months.

The Bernard family were holidaying in Skegness when their camera and SD card containing precious images of baby Sapphire, who died of cot death several years ago, went missing.

Sapphire’s father Del has offered a £250 reward for information leading to the SD card’s return in the hope of bringing a speedy conclusion to his family’s anguish.

He said: “The camera is worth a couple of hundred pounds but I’m not bothered about that, but it’s imperative that we try whichever way we can to get those pictures back.

“She was an absolutely gorgeous little girl with beautiful bright green eyes and it was completely devastating when she died.

“We’re all desperate to get the pictures back, the camera is of no importance.”

Sapphire’s 11-year-old brother Levi was only four when she died and has been hit particularly hard by the loss.

He and Del had been playing on a racing arcade game at Skegness Pier shortly after 5pm Yesterday (Tuesday) when they last saw the camera.

Security at the pier said that a woman with a white cane, like those for the visually impaired, and a black top, accompanied by a teenage boy with a cap were seen on the machines shortly after.

Del would desperately like to hear from those people or anyone who may have seen them since.

The family, including Del’s partner Leanne Forester and his six-year-old daughter Lauryn Bernard, had travelled to Skegness from their Wolverhampton home on Friday for a long weekend in the resort.

They had been staying at Skegness Water Leisure Park and decided to spend their final day’s holiday on the seafront to make the most of the pleasant weather.

After realising the camera had gone, they searched frantically for it, but to no avail.

“We looked in bushes and bins, in arcades and shops, it was only after we exhausted all options that we reported it to the police”, said Dell.

The missing camera is a black Fuji Finepix 1000, which was in a black leather carry case with a strap and pockets.

The pockets contained a number of SD memory cards including a light blue Sandisk model, on which the treasured images of Sapphire with the family were stored.

If you have any information which may lead to the recovery of the family pictures contact Skegness Police on non emergency number 101.