Extra £5.5m to repair Lincolnshire potholes


The Department of Transport has granted an extra £5.5m to repair potholes on Lincolnshire’s roads.

Lincolnshire County Council will receive £5,429,664 from a dedicated Pothole Repair Fund pot of £168 million, although local authorities may spend money on other road maintenance.

Executive member for highways Richard Davies said: “The maintenance and quality of Lincolnshire roads is of critical importance and among the most important things we do as a council.

“That’s why we’ve invested heavily ourselves but also lobbied Government for additional funding to help with the backlog we face and the particular challenges of our county’s size and rural nature.

“We’re delighted the Government has made this significant amount of additional funding available, especially given the difficult financial climate. The fact we’ve received more than expected shows that the Government recognises how well we will spend it.

“We’ll ensure that this money is put to good use, and will do all we can to keep the county’s roads in the best possible condition with the cash that’s available. Getting the best out our roads will also help boost the Lincolnshire economy, meaning this money will benefit everyone, not just motorists.”

All repair works using the funds have to be completed by the end of March 2015.