Water company pledges to deal with the pressure


Water pressure problems prevented guests at a Skegness hotel washing and having showers.

Grosvenor House Hotel owner Russell Sparkes had to compensate customers for not having hot water.

He said: “This has been a problem ever since I have owned the hotel. The storage tank which heats the water is in the roof, but there is sometimes not enough pressure to pump it up. It is a problem 10 or 15 days of the year, but has not occurred in the winter before.”

Anglian Water has apologised for the problem following the recent installation of water pressure valves on the pipe network.

The valves are designed to moderate the pressure level, providing more even water flow and reduce burst pipes.

Media relations manager Emma Staples said: “We are sorry the pressure levels weren’t quite right initially when we started this scheme, and we have since updated the settings we use. This now enables us to provide a pressure which will be well above the statutory minimum, and representative of that which is provided across most parts of our region – while still reducing the chance of bursts and leaks. We’ve not had any specific complaints about pressure since this work was carried out.

“We already have an industry-leading leakage record, but customers regularly say that reducing leaks and bursts is the most important thing to them. That’s why we’re focussing so much investment in this area.”