Wary response to sewage solution

A PLEDGE to eradicate noxious sewage smells in Ingoldmells with £800,000 improvement works has been met with a wary response from affected residents and councillors.

Anglian Water held a public meeting at the Royal Arthur Centre, Ingoldmells, last Wednesday to inform people of its plans to tackle the long-standing odour issue at the village’s treatment plant.

Chairman of Ingoldmells Neighbourhood Management, Maurice Darnell, was one of the few to attend the meeting but was not convinced by the proposal. He said: “We’ve heard it all before and people have lost faith. The whole system needs totally upgrading, it isn’t capable of coping with all of the holiday makers at the peak season.”

Anglian Water claims improvements to its chemical dosing procedures will prevent bacteria build-up from turning the sewage septic, thereby reducing the unpleasant aromas that have been plaguing residents and businesses for years.

Despite assurances that the trials it has conducted indicate the viability of this solution, Mr Darnell believes that it doesn’t go far enough.

He has attributed the problem to the network of sewage pipes leading to the treatment plans, which he feels are too narrow to cope with the seasonal population of the region.

He believes the high volume and low capacity slows the sewage down and means its journey time before treatment is excessively long, giving time for the bacteria to build up.

Anglian Water concedes the journey times are long but says this is due to the flat Lincolnshire landscape and there is nothing it can do to resolve the issue.

Mr Darnell also fears the slow travelling sewage will mean that when the smell becomes a problem, dosing procedures implemented further out on the network will take a significant amount of time to have the desired impact in Ingoldmells.

Coun Colin Davie shares some of Mr Darnell’s concerns.

He said: “Any investment is good but if it doesn’t bring about a permanent solution it is a waste of money, when they should be solving this once and for all for the residents of Ingoldmells who have put up with this blight for far too long already.”