Volunteers needed for Great British Beach Clean

Volunteers are need for the Great British Beach Clean in Lincolnshire
Volunteers are need for the Great British Beach Clean in Lincolnshire

An appeal has been issued for volunteers to join the Great British Beach Clean on the Lincolnshire coastline.

The Marine Conservation Society (MCS) beach clean event takes place from 18 to 21 September as part of the charity’s year round Beachwatch programme. Beach cleans and surveys are taking place in the county at Anderby Creek, Cleethorpes and Cleethorpes South.

Volunteers who get involved will be joining an army of beach cleaners all over the world as part of the global International Coastal Clean-up, which takes a snap shot of beach litter across the planet on a single weekend.

This year only a handful of volunteers have so far registered to clean up some of Lincolnshire’s beaches.

MCS beachwatch officer Charlotte Coombes said: “All of our Great British Beach Clean events are organised by volunteers, and they need your help. We want to match last year’s figures and see at least 5,000 volunteers taking part nationwide - 156 of which were in Lincolnshire in 2014.

“We’d love to see people heading to the Lincolnshire coastline and helping clean up at the events that have been organised at Anderby Creek, Cleethorpes and Cleethorpes (South).”

Each event only takes a couple of hours and, alongside the clean 100 metres of beach are surveyed. The form is straightforward to complete, and helps MCS to add to the local and UK litter data picture, as well as the global view.

Each clean-up has an organiser so there’s plenty of advice on the day on how to fill in the simple data sheets. This information will be used by MCS to work with governments and industry in the charity’s ongoing work to stop litter getting on to our beaches.

Charlotte explained the data collected through the Beachwatch programme is vital: “It raises awareness of just how much of a problem marine litter is, and everyone goes home with a better understanding of how they can help.

“Plastics can last for hundreds of years in the sea, harming wildlife and threatening livelihoods, so every little bit that our volunteers remove will make a difference for a long time to come. The data our volunteers collect helps us find out where the litter is coming from and gives us the evidence to help stop it from ever getting there in the first place.”

To get involved in the Great British Beach Clean 2015 in Lincolnshire visit www.mcsuk.org/greatbritishbeachclean or call 01989 566017.

If you can’t make it to a beach, but would still like to help MCS combat the problem of marine litter, then join the charity or make a donation at www.mcsuk.org You can also sign up to help with events at other times of the year by visiting www.mcsuk.org/beachwatch