Volunteers clean up the town

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OVER 150 dedicated volunteers did their bit to help give Skegness a late spring clean last week - ahead of the busy summer season.

One-hundred-and-sixty members of the Mormon church carried through with a promise to visit the town, beach and nature reserve to work on a clean-up operation.

The 134 adults and 26 children joined in the clearance of Ragwort weeds at Gibraltar Point and cleared and surveyed beach rubbish at Seacroft. They also removed sand from the Seaview walkway and carried out various clearing tasks at Church Farm Village.

A team from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust led each volunteer group under the direction of Coastal Ranger Dave Miller; who co-ordinated the event alongside Stefan Krause and Leaders from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) including one of their regional presidency; Paul Smith.

“Our boundaries extend from Derbyshire across Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire,” said a spokesperson. “Whilst we have participated in Helping Hands projects similar to this in each of these counties for some time it was felt that we should extend this help right to the shoreline – where so many of our families have such fond memories of family visits to Gibraltar Point, Skegness, and the beaches here”

The volunteers drove for up to three hours in pouring rain to reach Skegness for the clean-up work, and then worked until 3pm in continual downpours.

Skegness Mayor Steve Kirk arrived as a council collection vehicle carried away the last of the mountain of rubbish that had been collected.