Turbine number cut for Triton Knoll wind farm

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Revised plans will see the number of offshore turbines used at the Triton Knoll Wind farm almost halved.

RWE npower renewables have altered its plans for the proposed Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm project, which is being developed off the Lincolnshire Coast in the North Sea.

Work on the site design has resulted in RWE npower renewables deciding to progress the development with a reduced capacity which ranges between 600 and 900 megawatts, rather than the maximum of 1200 megawatts.

The new capacity would ensure enough energy to power the equivalent domestic needs of between 550,000 and 800,000 average UK households.

Project Manager Jacob Hain said: “The recent optimisation work is part of a project review to make the site more competitive and more economic in line with Government proposals to bring down the cost of offshore wind.”

More detailed design work has also taken place as part of the project review. This has resulted in significant reductions to the required onshore footprint on site, meaning the number of turbines have been reduced with space between each.