Public consultation on RWE’s cabling plans

The community will be invited to submit views on a renewable energy firm’s proposals to build a cable route through the heart of East Lindsey.

RWE npower renewables announced today that it would be carrying out a consultation into the onshore electrical infrastructure proposals associated with its Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm early next year.

The cabling route, which is necessary to transfer electricity generated by offshore turbines to a substation in Bicker Fen, has been a source of great concern among local councillors.

Having successfully campaigned to overturn RWE’s original plans to build a 40 acre substation in East Lindsey, they now fear these cabling options could cause just as much disruption.

Depending on which electrical format RWE chooses to conduct the power generated, AC or DC, there could be a requirement to build a 20 acre ‘reactive compound’ along the cabling route, which many councillors oppose just as strongly as they did the 40 acre substation.

Coun Colin Davie said: “It would appear that after two years of discussion and public anger, RWE’s suggested way forward is to start a consultation on the very plans our communities have rejected.

“Let me make it clear again, RWE’s disgraceful attack on this county and its landscape when better alternative solutions exist is totally beyond the pale.

“I consider their actions to be a declaration of war on Lincolnshire and we will have to therefore respond accordingly.”

Coun Angie Smith also objects strongly to the proposals, which she feels would be unnecessary if RWE took the most direct route to Bicker Fen along the seabed to the Wash.

She said: “My own recommendation to RWE is that we still do not want any above ground infrastructure in our area and they should be seriously considering using the Wash. The fact they say it’s challenging should not deter them on a £3.4 billion project.

“I wouldn’t expect this project to be easy but they could do it right first time and not mess the residents of East Lindsey around yet again,” she added.

RWE will meet with the relevant councils today (Wed) to discus the consultation, which will offer public bodies, local communities and other interested parties to submit views.