Outreach centre installs small-scale wind turbine

A small-scale wind turbine has recently been installed at Willow Farm in Thorpe Fendykes.
A small-scale wind turbine has recently been installed at Willow Farm in Thorpe Fendykes.

AN OUTREACH centre offering animal care courses to special needs children has installed a small-scale wind turbine to combat rising energy costs.

Willow Farm in Thorpe Fendykes contracted renewables firm Windcrop Ltd to build the 15 metre high turbine to help crate a sustainable future for the centre and riding school.

Farm owner Sue Evens said: “The children have been fascinated by the turbine. I think it’s incredibly important that the next generation understands the importance of conserving energy and learns about renewable energy for the future.

The farm is home to a menagerie of animals including ponies, rabbits, goats, reptiles chickens and ducks, and acts as an outreach centre for the College of West Anglia to provide animal care and equine courses to children with learning difficulties and special needs.

In recent years Sue has seen the centre’s energy bills increase significantly and believes renewable power will be a ‘Godsend’ to combat these costs and continue with the education opportunities currently provided.

Proposals of a larger scale throughout East Lindsey have provoked widespread opposition from councillors and residents who fear they will decimate the region’s natural beauty.

However, one such opponent, Coun Colin Davie, has lent his cautious support to smaller renewables projects such as Willow Farm’s, provided their impact on the landscape is minimised.

He said: “I’m not blanket opposed to small scale renewable projects provided they don’t have a harmful impact on the character of the landscape including heritage assets.”

Two opposing comments were lodged by nearby residents over the application. They feared it would lower their property value and be a ‘blight on the landscape’.

East Lindsey District Council approved the application in June.

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