Oak is top choice for new trees in Tower Gardens, Skegness

A snowy scene in Tower Gardens last week.
A snowy scene in Tower Gardens last week.

People living in Skegness have had their say on the species of tree they would like to see planted in Tower Gardens in Skegness.

The consultation, run by East Lindsey District Council, which is responsible for the management of the Park, received over 100 responses.

Choosing their preferred choice from a selection of 13 species, the favourite was the English Oak, receiving around a quarter of all votes cast. English (or Pedunculate) Oak is believed to support more wildlife than any other British tree species. It is often described as ‘The King of the Forest’ and is the iconic English tree.

Second and third favourites in the consultation were Holm Oak and Tulip Tree. Holm Oak is a large evergreen tree well suited to coastal sites. The Tulip tree is a stunning deciduous tree that produces large tulip-shaped flowers in summer.

Ten trees will be planted in total - five English Oak, three Holm Oak and two Tulip Trees.

The trees, which will be three to four metres in height, are to be planted in various positions around the Park on February 14, 2013, with help from pupils of The Richmond Primary School, Skegness.