New trees and hedges planted across Lincolnshire


Sites near Alford are to be included in an environmental scheme that will see more than 15,000 trees planted across Lincolnshire in the coming weeks,

Land at Saleby and Huttoft is included in the project that is creating more than three kilometres of hedgerow and one hectare of woodland.

Across the UK, trees play an important part in the landscape and provide numerous benefits to the economy and environment, but since 1945, there has been a dramatic loss of hedgerows in the UK, especially in the eastern counties of England including Lincolnshire.

As part of the Hedge and Small Woodland Grant Scheme, the trees supplied by Lincolnshire County Council aim to enhance the county landscape and benefit habitats in the area. Since January 2000, 13,470km of hedgerow and trees have been maintained, restored or planted in Lincolnshire during the project.

The grant is open to anyone who owns or manages land within the county, with 20 schemes taking place across Lincolnshire. The council’s Environmental Services Team will work with applicants to make sure tree species selected are carefully matched to local conditions.

Coun Colin Davie, executive member for the environment, said: “Our wildlife, woodlands and hedgerows are some of Lincolnshire’s most precious assets and it’s vital that we protect and enhance them. Each year, the county council plants thousands of new trees to invigorate natural habitats and provide new places for people to walk and enjoy.

“The improvements we make now to our national heritage will be enjoyed by future generations to come.”