Is Ingoldmells sewage problem gone for good?

SEWAGE odours which have blighted Ingoldmells for years could be gone for good, following the completion of works designed to eradicate the malodorous problem.

Since Anglian Water completed its £90,000 chemical dosing procedures, intended to attack the source of the sewage smells, no significant aromas have been reported in the village.

Chairman of the Ingoldmells and Addlethorpe Neighbourhood Management Forum, Maurice Darnell, has campaigned on the issue for years and is hopeful this could be the end of it.

He said: “I’ve not had any particular problem in my area over the weekend so we are hopeful that it has solved the problem - the trouble is they’ve told us that three times before so I’m not saying anything for certain just yet.”

Anglian Water has attributed the problem to the lengthy journey sewage has to make before reaching the treatment plant in Ingoldmells, which, particularly during warm weather, can cause bacteria to begin digesting the sewage anaerobically, giving rise to the unpleasant smell.

The chemical dosing procedures were intended to combat that process thereby reducing the odour problems.

A spokesperson for Anglian Water said: “The works have been completed and I’m very pleased to hear Mr Darnell hasn’t noticed any problems and we very much hope this will be a long term solution for the people of Ingoldmells.

“We will continue to monitor it especially during the summer months, but so far all the signs are good.”

However, following the repeated failure of previous attempts to solve the problem a local councillor has called for a brand new treatment facility, should this latest attempt fail.

Coun Colin Davie said: “I have made it clear to Anglian Water in meetings with them that these works had to find a permanent solution to the problems that have been ongoing in Ingoldmells for over two decades.

“It is intolerable that residents and businesses should be expected to put up with the failings of a national brand company because of where we are.

“I will support residents and businesses to the bitter end to ensure Anglian Water deliver a permanent and long term solution for the benefit of all.

“As I have said all along I believe a new treatment plant for the coast is the only viable solution.”