Ingoldmells sewage stink gets up noses

SEWERAGE smells spreading from a treatment plant in Ingoldmells have been getting up the noses of affected residents, and tourism operators.

The persistent pong coming from Anglian Water’s Bolton Lane Sewer Works has been a thorny issue for many years but appeared recently to have been successfully masked by a chemical dosing procedure.

Unfortunately, any change for the better seems to have been short lived, as the odious issue has reared its ugly head once more - right before the peak of the visitor season

Ingoldmells Residents Forum recently discussed their concerns with representatives from the water company and Butlins resort director, Chris Baron.

Forum representative Maurice Darnell said: “It’s a permanent problem, there’s not a day that goes by that you can’t notice the sell coming from the sewerage works.

“People staying on some of the nearby caravan parks are moving out because they don’t want to put up with it any more.

“I’m annoyed because they made a commitment to me to resolve the issue and then went ahead with these changes that have made it worse again.”

Following a vocal public campaign to address the issue last year, Anglian Water agreed to repair and improve the inlet at the sewerage treatment works to address the problem. Although the issue appeared to be resolved for several months, further works carried out in the area seem to have reverted back to the original state of affairs.

Butlins director Chris Baron, has also raised the issue with Anglian Water to highlight the potentially off-putting affect it could have on his guests. He said: “It’s an ongoing problem and it does need to get fixed. The keep on making assurances that it will improve, and it did seem to get better than it had been in past years but it’s still hard to explain to guests why there is sometimes a pervading smell of sewerage across the resort.”

Anglian Water have made further agreements to install hydrogen sulphide monitors to improve the way the chemical odour dosing is carried out.

Gary Waring, Anglian Water’s Treatment Manager for Louth and Grimsby, said: “We’re sorry if this odour is causing any disruption. Treating waste water is a very complex process, and we’re committed to making all the improvements we can. We’ve been working for a while now to identify the source of the odour, and to seek to minimise it.”